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Located by the famous Punta Cana beach more than 10 years ago, we are the most experienced team to organize your activities program, offering different and funny eco-adventure tours.

Our main goal is to make you feel the most original and attractive adventures, prepared for all ages and at the best prices!!

We are the perfect solution for families and friends who want to go out and discover our country.

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Segway Adventure


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Are you ready to try the new eco-personal-transporter? So come with our Truck to the Ranch and after few minutes briefing you’ll ride the new 2014 Segway Model. Our professional guide will teach you and let you practice movements, security and funny way to ride. We’ll get the beach and you won’t believe as Segway go on the sand… after reaching the Coconut Area, we’ll have a 5 minutes break and rest, when you’ll appreciate so much the breathless landscape and wild protected beach. Then, let’s take some pictures and ride again, trough virgin path.

Everybody can live this ecological experience, full of adrenaline… we’ll get back after 1 hour tour and you’ll be so glad to discover different ways of electric movements…welcome to the future!